This week at Virtual United 6/1/16

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This week at Virtual United 6/1/16

Post by UAL001 Gary Price » June 1st, 2016, 8:55 pm

Welcome to June!!! Its hard to believe we are five months through 2016 already. Before we get to June, lets talk a little bit about May and the great month it was at the VA.

Our total hours flown for May will exceed 9,600 hours once the last of the PIREPs are counted. Currently we sit at 9,572 hours. That is the best May ever for us by over 300 hours (beating 2014), and makes it the third month in a row we have had a "best month ever" hours flown total. You all flew just over 2,500 flights in May. That's our 2nd best May ever. We had five hubs fly over 1,000 hours, and the Dulles hub flew for just over 2,000 hours. Well done everyone!!! I am amazed at the activity at our VA, heck, all of our hubs fly more individually than most VAs do!!!

Last month we also launched our partnership with VATSTAR. These guys are the gurus of training, so if you are looking to get your VATSIM P1 and higher ratings, you can get it done with the pros. Please remember that you are not required to get any training from VATSTAR to be a pilot at VUAL, its completely optional. Here is a quick example of how easy it is to get your P1 rating at VATSTAR: our KIAD Hub Manager, UAL24 Eric Elia, was the first VUAL pilot to complete his P1 training at VATSTAR on Monday. I am asking the staff over there if I can write a special section on how to land on taxiways.... I have not heard back. If you are interested please click on the link from our homepage or visit

On to June. Our best ever June is 8,555 hours flown, so I think that is another record that is going to get broken.... I am not going to jinx it, but if I was a betting man (and I am, everytime i step into the A320 cockpit, but that is another e-mail), I think we will finish on the high side again this month. Be on the lookout for Long Haul event later in the month, Thursday Night Shorties, and other events are also on the schedule... Even VATSTAR has an event for us towards the end of the month, lets be sure to crash that party with our skillful flying!!!

Lastly, VUAL is looking to partner with IVAO. We have not done anything with the IVAO network in an official capacity to date, but I receive questions from their pilots all the time. IVAO has several requirements of us before we can become an affiliated VA and we are working on that. If you are currently a pilot at IVAO, please send me a message at I would like to have a ballpark number of our pilots that maybe flying on their network. If we do establish a relationship with IVAO, flying on their network would be completely optional for our pilots (just as flying on VATSIM is optional today). IVAO has a strong presence in Europe and South America, so we might be able to draw pilots to our great VA from other parts of the world... We have already updated our new pilot application to include the IVAO ID, and will make updates to the SOP once we have a better idea of the direction we will take. For now IVAO pilots can only submit PIREPs using one o f our ACARS programs. We do not accept any manual PIREPs with links to IVAO network stats as evidence... All that needs to be worked out...

Once again, congratulations to ALL the pilots of VUAL for another tremendous month. Please take a moment to bask in the glory that is VUAL, and then get back to your flight preparations as we take aim on another record month in June.

See you in the skies!

Gary Price
Chief Executive Officer
Virtual United Airlines

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