This week at Virtual United 5/15/16

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This week at Virtual United 5/15/16

Post by UAL001 Gary Price » May 15th, 2016, 10:13 pm

Greetings all. I hope my semi-regular, bi-weekly VA update e-mail finds you well.

Almost half way through the month we are at just over 4,200 hours flown with a bunch of planes in the virtual skies right now, and some PIREPs waiting for approval. With 2 full weekends and Memorial Day holiday (in the USA) still ahead of us, we are on pace to beat the hours total for our best May ever (9226), back in 2014. Keep up the great flying everyone.

Don't forget about the events we have in store later this month. First off is the Thursday Night Shorties, and on 5/28 we are going to the South Pacific to support our Guam hub as they fly to Manila, in the Manila Express event. More information is on the main page and maybe even a signup page will appear at some point...

Also, don't forget we have a forum and a TS room if you really want to be brave here at VUAL. There is always good information and some really cool screenshots in the forum posts and some great singing and funny stories going on in TS... Don't say I never warned you.

Sorry for the minor blip we had with the website a couple weeks ago. We were offline for an afternoon as Garfield and I were allowed to unplug all the wires from the server. Everything was brought back online once Rene realized who was at the controls.

Finally, new pilots, welcome!! But, please get your flights in. Every month, we welcome over 50 pilots to our VA, and most do not fly. Potentital pilots reading this note, rest assured, our HR dept does a great job to get you on the roster real fast. Once on the roster, please fulfill your end of the deal and fly. Unlike other VAs that keep all sorts of ghosts and goblins on their rosters, we terminate pilots who do not fly every month.

With that I will let you get back to your flight preparations. Keep up the great flying and May will be another record month for us (that will be 3 months in a row)!!!

See you in the skies!

Gary Price
Chief Executive Officer
Virtual United Airlines

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