This week at Virtual United 4/2/16

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This week at Virtual United 4/2/16

Post by UAL001 Gary Price » April 2nd, 2016, 7:58 pm

Greetings pilots! I am 7 hours into my Cross the Pond flight from EDDF to KIAD, and the good old US of A is almost in sight. One more hour and change to go. I have seen many VUAL pilots online today in this historic event! I hope you all had fun...

Speaking of fun, the entire VA flew for 10,016 hours in March! That is the highest total of hours flown since January, 2014!!! Great job everyone! We had 5 hubs fly for over 1,000 hours each!! As you have probably figured out by now, I am a numbers guy, and I use the data to gauge the overall health of the VA. More flying & hours = good, less flights & hours = bad. Lately we have been growing in our roster size and # of flights and hours, so we are certainly trending in the right direction. Keep up the great work everyone!!!

That being said, our hub managers have informed me they are seeing some PIREPs come across their desks' as non-UAL or STAR alliance flights. Please note that these flights will get rejected. We have probably the most accurate and up-to-date UAL/UAX and STAR alliance schedule of any VA for you to pick a flight, and you can always do a "charter" flight as long as its in a UAL livery and within your CAT rating. For your reference a list of the STAR alliance partners is located here:

There will be no challenges in the month of April, however. we are asking everyone to show some love to our hub in Guam by flying a couple flights in and out of PGUM this month. Guam is our newest hub and is out there in the Pacific. We have some long hauls to Honolulu, but also a bunch of shorter flights to Tokyo Narita (another UAL hub) which is about 1500 miles away. That's the same distance as LAX to Chicago. Other Japanese cities - Osaka (RJBB), Nagasaki (RJFU) are a little closer. South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other Asian destinations are also nearby. Don't be shy and get out to the Pacific and do some flights in April. After landing in KIAD, I am doing an over-nighter to RJAA (get ready Dennis!) and then will fly to PGUM on Sunday afternoon!

Looking ahead at the calendar, April is only a 30 day month, but it has 5 weekends, so I think we are going to have another great month!

See you in the skies!
Gary Price
Chief Executive Officer
Virtual United Airlines

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