This week at Virtual United 1/30/16

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This week at Virtual United 1/30/16

Post by UAL001 Gary Price » January 30th, 2016, 6:45 pm

Greetings pilots! Welcome to the end of January.

I am very pleased to report the VA has flown for just over 9,000 hours as of this morning on 2,600 flights this month. There are still a bunch of pilots in the virtual skies, and 30+ PIREPs awaiting approval from our dedicated hub management staff. Oh, and there is still one more day left in the month. The hours and flight totals for January already exceed any month in 2015, and are the highest totals since July 2014!!!

Last week I promised a little more information on our challenge for February. December's 8,000 flying hours challenge to you all was a little too easy, and I had to reach deep down to come up with a decent challenge.

So for February, we are going to recognize and honor the shortest month of the year with a focus on short hop flights. The target for February is 2,900 flights for the entire VA. This averages out to 100 flights a day. 2,900 flights is more than double the # of flights flown last February, and about 10% more than Feb. 2014.... Based on the recent jump in activity, I think we can do it. Before deciding to do that long haul or cross country flight, please consider jumping into a ERJ, A319, or B737, and making 2 or even 3 legs to get from your original departure to your original destination!!! Its not about hours in February, its about # of flights!!!! The hub management team has told me they can't wait to process all the extra PIREPs. Lets make them earn those big salaries in Feb!!! haha

So lets not worry about February until Monday. Take Sunday off and go ahead and bask in the glory that is Virtual United Airlines. Thanks for the great flying in January everyone!

See you in the skies!

Gary Price
Chief Executive Officer
Virtual United Airlines

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