This week at Virtual United 1/16/16

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This week at Virtual United 1/16/16

Post by UAL001 Gary Price » January 17th, 2016, 1:54 am

Happy (Belated) New Year!! I hope this note finds you well.

After crushing the 8,000 flying hour target in December, the VA is rocking again this month!!! Currently we are on pace for 9,000 hours in January!!! I guess everyone is enjoying the CAT-free bonus this month...

Actually December was a continuation of some serious momentum at Virtual United. The last four months of 2015 saw our hours increase 15% vs. 2014, and our number of flights up 10%. These accomplishments were a huge turn-around for the VA as we had experienced some slow months in the beginning of 2014, and the server issue in August. In total, VUAL pilots flew over 71,000 hours, 21,000 flights for a total of 28.9 million miles, and over 803 million pounds of fuel burned during 2015.

Speaking of 28.9 million miles, our next "Long A** Haul" is a real long one. I think Eric has finally lost his mind with this one. We are flying from LAX to Johannesburg, South Africa (FARO) on Jan. 24. Sign ups are on the home page... If we get a few more signups we will hit 9,000 hours just at this event alone... FARO, yes, its FARO alright!

Please don't forget to visit our forums, and teamspeak. Also don't forget to add "" in your flight plan comments section when flying online. There are a lot of pretender VAs our there, especially the other UAL-based VAs, and we are a cut above all of them. I am hoping to grow our rosters this year, and your professionalism while flying online is the best advertising for us.

With that, I will let you get back to your cockpits. Enjoy the rest of this CAT-free month. There is going to be a challenge for February, and its going to involve # of hops focusing more on our express fleet.

See you in the skies!

Gary Price
Chief Executive Officer
Virtual United Airlines

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