This week at Virtual United 11/19/15

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UAL001 Gary Price
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This week at Virtual United 11/19/15

Post by UAL001 Gary Price » November 19th, 2015, 11:14 pm

Greetings! I hope this note finds you well.

Just a quick note to remind everyone of our Long A$$ Haul Event flight on Saturday Night from New York to Taipei (KJFK - RCTP). This is a real world flight flown by our STAR alliance friends at Eva Airlines in the B777. More information and signups can be found on our site here: ... _event/520

I am not gonna lie and tell you this is a short hop.... With the strong winter winds picking up over the Pacific, this one is in the 14-15 hour range.... The flight plan uses 3+ cans of alphabet soup letters to complete (Eric confirmed this last night). Think I am joking, here is the flight plan:

GREKI JUDDS CAM MSS YMW 5000N 08000W 5500N 08300W 6000N 08700W 6500N 09200W 7000N 10000W 7230N 11000W 7330N 12000W 7400N 13000W 7400N 14000W BIITE BARIP B722 RUSOB B722 ASKIB G369 NIMOR G212 HAB B355 ARDEL B355 RISAB B941 NULAR B467 KANSU B467 TENAS A586 GOSBO A586 CJU Z82 PANSI Y711 BONSO Y711 ATOTI B576 SALMI B576 BAKER BK1A

I hope you can join the brave (?) pilots who are making the trek.

Our schedules are continuing to be updated with more and more routes from our partner airlines, so I hope you are enjoying the increasing variety. Thanks to LAX HM Jonathan Kost for his efforts.

Our training dept is now open, so don't be shy to ask UAL011 David Walton how to land on taxiways... He can show you all the tricks. I heard he can get the B777 to fly inverted as well.... He said the trick is in the pilot's wrist action.....

Finally, the fleet updates are almost there, thanks for everyone's patience.

With that I will let you get back to your flying. For all the US-based pilots, I hope you have a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday next week.

See you at the gates at JFK on Saturday night. The plan is to take off and land in Taipei before turkey day on Thursday.

Gary Price
Chief Executive Officer
Virtual United Airlines

UAL909 Filipe Nunez
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Re: This week at Virtual United 11/19/15

Post by UAL909 Filipe Nunez » November 20th, 2015, 6:32 pm

cya at JFK, will be flying Eva Air's 747 back to the east, wheels up 0230Z-ish (9:30 CST), hope I don't fall asleep over the pacific :oops:

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