This week at Virtual United 9/12/15

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This week at Virtual United 9/12/15

Post by UAL001 Gary Price » September 12th, 2015, 2:02 am

Greetings pilots! I hope this note finds you well.

Before I get into my usual items, I wanted to take a moment to welcome the many new pilots we have on the roster. It seems that we are welcoming new pilots to the VA every day. I wanted to answer some questions that I get from time to time, that will hopefully enhance your enjoyment of flying with us (as if there is not enough entertainment in the TS rooms, right?!?!?)

Firstly, you are allowed to fly any flight on the schedule, or one that you make up on your own (aka a "charter") AS LONG AS you fly the route in an aircraft that you are rated on. The ranks are outlined in the ops guide and on the site. You are not limited to only the real world routes flown in the planes you are rated on.... Our rules allow you much more freedom to basically fly any route your CAT rated aircraft is capable of making.

Secondly, the E70 also means you can fly the E175, E190 and E195. They are all basically the same plane as far as our ops guide is concerned.

Third, you do not have to fly "point to point". You can warp around the world and do any flight you like. We highly encourage you to warp to any event location and fly with us. Also, you can "interrupt" your Awards flights in order to fly an event flight with the VA, and then jump back on the award flights with no penalty.

Fourth (and last one for today), you do not have to fly to/from your hub on your first flight, or any flight for that matter. There is no requirement that you make ANY flights to/from your hub. None, Nada. As long as you meet your minimum one flight a month, you are good; we could care less if you ever visit your hub or not..

See, we are not as mean and nasty as you might think,,,,, Well except those Dulles guys and their crazy Excel spreadsheets, but thats another e-mail.

Later today we will be flying our 9/11 Memorial Flight. Please check the home page for more details about the departures and destinations. There are double hours and CAT free incentives to all pilots who participate.

Finally, at the beginning of the month I challenged the entire VA for 6,000 flying hours this month. I had to use the Narita boy's abacus to figure out that 6,000 hours in a 30 day month (needed a calendar for that one) is 200 hours a day (plus or minus a few beads). As of the evening of the 11th, we are at a little over 2600 hours, where we should be at 2200 hours. This puts us a little ahead of the pace. Keep up the good work, but remember we need to get as many hours during the weekends, because the last few days of the month are weekdays, where flying is generally a little lighter.

If you have any questions, please let me or your hub managers know.

See you in the skies!

Gary Price
Chief Executive Officer
Virtual United Airlines

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