This week at Virtual United 12/8/17

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This week at Virtual United 12/8/17

Post by UAL001 Gary Price » December 11th, 2017, 1:46 am

Greetings pilots! I hope that your December is off to a great start!!! There are plenty of FS related holiday sales going on at all our favorite sites right now, so get busy shopping, or take a moment and write your all-important letter to Santa and get your requests in...

But remember, even if you've been a bad boy this year and Santa did not put you on his list, or your credit cards are maxed out, you can still fly CAT free at VUAL for the entire month of December and rack up some big hours!!!!

Speaking of hours, VUAL flew for 7,368 hours in November on 2,208 flights. Our year-to-date total thru end of November is 89,085 hours on 25,000 flights!!! Lets finish the year strong and see how close we can get to 100,000 flying hours... I am guessing we will come in somewhere north of 95K hours.... Not bad at all!

Please make sure you get your one flight in this month so our hub mgmt staff does not have to work too hard over the holidays to make cuts on the rosters. Cutting pilots is the worst part of their job. One simple flight each month is all we ask to remain current. You can do it..

If training is what you need to land on the runway, don't forget to sign up for some training at VATSTAR. These guys are our partners and, believe it or not, they want to help you (and your plane) survive the entire flight. We have a link to the VATSTAR training from our home page, so don't be shy if you need a little help.

With that, I will let you get back to your flying, holiday shopping, letters to Santa, and trying to figure out how to land your Airbus on the runway!

Happy Holidays!
Gary Price
Chief Executive Officer
Virtual United Airlines

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