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Are You Getting Disconnected from VATSIM?

Posted: January 12th, 2020, 10:35 pm
by UAL008 Kevin Finch
VATSIM has recently instructed the development teams for our X-Plane clients, (xSquawkbox, xPilot, and swift), to add code which will automatically disconnect users who are unable to maintain an average of 20 frames per second while connected to VATSIM. These users will be welcome to immediately reconnect to the network after adjusting their rendering settings.

The reason for this is a programming decision by Laminar Research in which X-Plane will automatically slow the simulation rate when frame rates drop below 20 frames per second as a requirement to maintain flight model stability. This feature is transparent to the end user outside of their flight taking twice as long or more to complete.

More at the VATSIM website: ... lane-users