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UAL004 Danny Vinson
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Post by UAL004 Danny Vinson » December 30th, 2015, 1:44 pm

I have been doing this for three days...maybe I can get some help from someone more experienced than me with FSX?

I am down to wanting this system:

System: Liquid-Cooled AMD A4 6300 3.70GHz 2-Core (3.9GHz Boost) | AMD A68H | 8GB DDR3-1600 PC3-12800 | 1TB HDD | Genuine Windows 10 64-bit
Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 8370D | 24X DVD±RW Dual-Layer Drive | Audio: 8 Channel | Gigabit LAN | Keyboard & Mouse

My hesitation still comes from the fact that some people are still saying that AMD does not play well with FSX. Some say the Steam Edition is an all together different ballgame and that AMD plays it fine!

Comments and Opinions for this old geezer noob are welcomed!
Danny R Vinson,UAL004
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UAL909 Filipe Nunez
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Post by UAL909 Filipe Nunez » December 30th, 2015, 7:11 pm

Build your own "cheaper"

1000w or higher PSU
ASUS Motherboard or EVGA
Intel Chip <--- water-cooled or air
SSD Hard Drive for Windows/FSX... regular WD 1TB for other stuff/storage
decent video card... im not current on current models, I still run dual NVidia 8800's in SLI :oops: :D
8-12Gb Memory
any CDRW drive
and cool case :mrgreen:
Windows 7 64bit <--- nevar had problem with FSX, not sure with W10

...if unable to build, buy pre-made Intel for sure 8-) for AMD, those were good gaming chips "back in da days" , I used them!... so don't get xcited when u read 6,8 etc cores (eye candy), Intel chips properly cooled will outperform them... besides FSX doesn't recognize more than 2 cores from what I read, there that's my advice from this old geezer, have fun 8-)

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