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UAL160 Jim Schroeder


Post by UAL160 Jim Schroeder » December 11th, 2013, 4:41 pm

Hey guys, the last week or two I've been getting BSODs in FSX, usually while panning around or when a new sound starts. It's not very consistent though, almost randomly different flights. About 2 weeks ago I installed Taxi2Gate KSTL, and PMDG NGX. Then, I started getting low virtual memory page file notices especially with the PMDG, so I turned that up to about 4gb on the drive FSX is on.

The error code is always :

Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
BCCode: 124

Sorry i dont have the full code, I will post it next time the crash happens.
I read that it has to do with the Vcore a lot, and yes I do have an OC'd 2500k, so i will do some testing with that. Another thing I read about was out of date audio drivers, and I have noticed that the BSOD will happen with a new sound and will then start beeping, until it crashes. So I just got the newest Realtek audio drivers.

**ALSO, I get no crashes whatsoever in Battlefield 4, which runs hotter and more core usage than FSX. That makes me think that it's not the Vcore.

Any input would be appreciated, thanks

UAL442 Michael Smoker


Post by UAL442 Michael Smoker » December 12th, 2013, 8:01 am

That is were I was getting the blue screen was with improper OCing.
From my experience with FSX it is touchy with memory and sound.
After you make sure that all your hardware is working and properly cooled make sure you are running FS as admin.
You add the HIGHMEMFIX to your CFG? I am sure you have already.

UAL160 Jim Schroeder


Post by UAL160 Jim Schroeder » December 12th, 2013, 7:37 pm

I have done 3 flights today with no crashes.

I put the offset up to +.010 and it ran fine in Prime95, but then I put it back down to +.005 trying to recreate the BSOD, and it didnt happen with P95 and the 3 flights, all with NGX and FSDT airports. So I think that it may have been something to do with the sound drivers, unless i start getting the 124 BSODs again.

I wish it wouldnt get up to 65* when gaming though, I know that its not dangerous but it's only a 4.2Ghz overclock, a lot of people get lower Vcore (mine runs at 1.28v under load) and temps. Any negative offset and its unstable, and auto gives me 1.3v, so Im gonna stick with the +.005 unless it happens again.

69* max (low 60s average) in FSX and BF4 at 4.2Ghz, 1.272/1.28 Vcore, and air cooling doesnt sound that bad, or does it?

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