Oct. Stats and a thought

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Oct. Stats and a thought

Post by UAL025 Dennis Lynn » November 4th, 2018, 11:24 pm

Dear Friends:
It's Sunday 11/4 and I am sitting in my home reviewing where we were a year ago, and comparing it to now. Even though in the real world a lot has changed, not so much in the Virtual World, except perhaps your involvement.
I know for myself real world issues have hampered how much time I have had to devote to this hobby, and vUAL, during the year/particularly the past few months. So, yeah, I get it. Take a look at the Oct stats from 2017 and now. (2017/2018)
Flights: 180/82, Hours: 757.5/291.0 Pretty dramatic difference if you will permit me to point it out. :(
So, as a manager I have to ask, "whazzup?" Did the hobby get boring, or is the time you have available a lot less.
Please don't misunderstand. Many of you do your one flight per month and that is great. But my question is, what can we do here, if at all, to make it more interesting for you to fly. Had to ask! ;)
If you're bored to tears with flying, have you tried out any of our tours yet? These are a great way to fly in and out of a ton of airports that you might not have otherwise thought of! And, it makes NO difference if you are on or off line, just make sure you use one of our Acars systems to report the flight. All of our tours are posted on the main web site under About Us/Awards. ;)

Flip side of the pancake, UAL001 Gary Price bagged 53.4 hours in October, and UAL962 Pam Magee rocked out 25 flights!
Also the following pilots earned rewards/badges:"
UAL906 Michael Thomas 500 hours award, UAL922 Saud Alshidhani 1500- hours award, and UAL934 Christopher Hall 250 hour award. Congrats to all and a thank you to all the pilots who fly more than 1 each and every month. :P

Last but not least, here in the US Tuesday is Election Day. Please, please exercise your right and responsibility and Vote this tuesday. It's important! :|

UAL025 Dennis Lynn RJAA HM

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