Happy Turkey Day All

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Happy Turkey Day All

Post by UAL916 Ray Browell » November 19th, 2017, 9:04 pm

To all the folks going to celebrate turkey day this coming week, Happy Turkey Day!

And as a result of some spare time, I hope to get a flight in so Dennis the Mennis don't kick me! :D I'm an old man taking some classes and most of my time is in my shop now and flight time is at a premium for me.

On a side note, I busted the old Ready For Pushback 747 out of the hangar. If anyone on FS9 loves this old bird and can't find it and all its stuff anymore, look me up. I got it, all livery packs and all utilities to go with it. There is a screenie of it on the forums here I just posted of the old orange and white colors. The other paint I have is the old gray and blue livery.

Take care, everyone! ANd hey Dennis, swing by Tracys TS one of these nights man. I don't frequent that often (couple days a week) but when I do I ask if you have been around buddy. Hope all is well chief!
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