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Sept/Oct stats n stuff!

Post by UAL025 Dennis Lynn » November 2nd, 2017, 11:44 pm

There is soooo much going on I almost don't know where to start!

Let's do the stuff 1st! ;)

As we cruise down to end of year there is always a little push to see if we can top last year's , year ending numbers. Stats wise we are in a good place company wide to best last years numbers so that extra little flight or two CAN really count! Like this weekend!! We have the Farewell Tour for the Boeing 747 scheduled for this sunday, the 5th. :| Don't forget to turn your clocks back (Most of the U.S. Pilots) and come and join us bright eyed and bushy tailed for the flight. IT IS CAT FREE so those of you who are early in your flight careers with us CAN drag out the B-747 and join us! 8-)

I have reviewed each and every pilot record tonight in the hub in the hopes of bringing your awards up to date. So, hours, # of flights, anniversaries etc were updated EVEN THOUGH it's your responsibility to let Jeff or I know. :roll: By far the easiest way to do it is in the comments section of a pirep! So if you would please............. :!:

New Pilots: welcome to all ! I think I have caught up with all the welcome letters, but in case I missed one or two please remember that you have SEVEN DAYS from the date of your acceptance letter to complete your first flight. Also make sure that you use one of our ACARS reporting softwares to log your flight. Yes even if you fly on line! Additionally, read the pilot's manual. It's a short, quick read and is available on the main web site. I mention this because, A) you said you read it, and you didn't, :oops: B) if for some reason you have to file a manual pirep and you DON"T provide the Vatsim link then don't even bother to ask for flight credit. It's covered in the manual. No vatsim link, no approved manual pirep. :shock: Sorry, but it's the rules folks! Also for the newbies, you don't HAVE to fly in or out of RJAA. Just make sure your flight is from our published schedules and have fun! :D Also take full advantage of our teamspeak channel and our forum!

Again, as a reminder to all pilots, if you're due an award please drop a note in the comments section of your pirep's!


Sept: 771.1 hours, 226 flights representing 321,813 miles

Oct. 757.5 hours, 180 flights representing 321,062 miles. So the flight length (duration) jumped dramatically! I guess you folks love the crippler long hauls!!

There are a ton of events on the main web site to help to keep your flying from perils of boredom, so take advantage of them.

As always, Jeff and I are available on TS, email or at one of Tokyo's classier dives!



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