Congratulations Narita

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Congratulations Narita

Post by UAL025 Dennis Lynn » September 3rd, 2017, 4:08 pm

First and foremost, congrats to all the RJAA Pilots! August saw a dramatic increase in flights from Narita's folks as we crested over 1000 flight hours last month! 8-)
It has been quite a long time since that has happened and I get excited since it means more of you are enjoying this hobby, and with Virtual United! :!: So please keep up the excellent rate, and if Jeff or I can do anything to assist, we are just an email away! :)

Our August numbers looked like this:
Total flight hours = 1092.3, Total flights= 283, Total Miles Flown= 450,505, AND our average landing rate improved to -224
in spite of my best efforts! :roll:

POTM: (Pilot of the Month) This award ( for those who do not know) can be earned by a Pilot only once in their career with vUAL.
August POTM goes out to UAL 922 Saud Alshidhani who blasted the skies with 151,923 miles flown in August over 67 flights and managed to garner one of the top five slots for best landings during the month! Congratulations Saud! ;)

Honorable Mentions:
UAL910 - Ben Joshi, UAL001 - Gary Price, UAL044 - Ethan Wallenberg, and UAL902 - Kevin Goolaerts all hit the leaders board for most flight hours during August.
You can see everyones efforts at this link: ... JAA/2017/8

New Pilots:, as always welcome to Narita! August saw quite a few new pilots for us, and they contributed greatly to our numbers during the month. Just a reminder for the "newbies" to please read the Pilots Operations Manual located here: ... ide5.0.pdf
and if you are due an award please put a note in the comments section of your PIREP! Common, give an old guy a break! :P

For our friends in the southern hemisphere, spring is coming soon, and up here we'll be de-icing in no time! YUCK!


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