July is History!

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July is History!

Post by UAL025 Dennis Lynn » August 4th, 2017, 11:12 pm

Summer seems to be flying by at an incredible speed. My granddaughter just reminded me that school resumes in three weeks and there are items on her Poppop bucket list that aren't finished yet! (sigh) :?
Some congratulations are in order in this review:
UAL906 Mike Thomas receives his 2 Year Award // UAL909 Felipe Nunez - 4 Year Award // UAL 962 Pam Magee earned her 2,000 hour badge and I wanted to mention that before he went AWOL ..I mean LOA.. UAL956 Randy Simmons earned his 1500 hours badge. Congrats to all the Pilots! 8-)

As always welcome to all the new pilots and especially to UAL922 Saud Alshidhani who just transferred in from another hub. Yeah I said transferred IN! Pretty cool, we're just not used to that! :D
Apparently there was a grave misunderstanding about last month's stats. I suggested a tiny bump up in the number of flights from you folks and you stopped flying! I apologise for any misunderstanding! :o
If you are a glutton for punishment you can find the stats here: http://virtualunitedairlines.org/index. ... ubs/2017/7
Hours were about 1/2 of what a decent month is for us ( by the way......) :roll:
Do enjoy what's left of summer and if you get bored, well there is this hobby I know of. Involves flying on line! :idea:


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