March 2017 Recap!!!

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UAL027 Gary Cauley
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March 2017 Recap!!!

Post by UAL027 Gary Cauley » April 1st, 2017, 10:40 am

Newark Pilots,

I want to start off by thanking you all for your patience through the management change earlier this month here in Newark. Both Duane and Myself have everything sorted out now and we are rolling full steam ahead into April! March was a GREAT month for us, YYYYYUUUGGGGEEEE. The Best! All PIREPs for March have been approved as of this morning and we finished the month at 867.1 hours! I went back a full year and this was your best month I have seen.

I even slaved away my Saturday morning to come up with this nice chart for you guys!
Capture.PNG (29.77 KiB) Viewed 668 times

Keep up the great work and I am setting a goal of us topping 900 hours for April. I know we can do it, so jump up in the sky and get those PRIEPs in!

Looking at indivudal Pilot stats for the month we had some pilots really step up their game. check out below for more information!

Most Hours
1. Gary Cauley-122.9
2. Andre Mclean-98.2
3. Steven Ski- 65.8
4. Eugene Finogenov- 52.9
5. John Santos 51.4

Most Flights
1. Harrington Henry-26
2. Andre Mclean-24
3. Gary Cauley-22
4. Steven Ski-18
5. Andre Nordheim-18

Best Landings
1. Gary Cauley B717 PHNL -8FPM
2.Bob Faison B767-300 YSSY -39FPM
3. Duane Palmore B737-800 RJOO -45FPM
4. Alex Caison E175 KATL -49FPM
5. Alex Caione E145 KIAD -53FPM

I would like to personally congradulate Andre Mclean on being the Newark Hub Pilot of the Month for March 2017! I constantly sawe Andre's name on my PIREP list and he was knocking out tours left and right last month! Keep up the work Andre. Check out the forums to give him a shoutout!

On a final note we have quite a few pilots who aren't getting their flights done. These pilots will be emailed today. I am giving everyone a 2 week extention on the requirement as I really hate to see guys get cut. If there is a reason you can't fly get in contact with me ASAP and I will get you set up with an LOA.

Enjoy the first couple weeks of Spring guys and as always my door is always open to questions or concerns (if it's a serious concern, direct yourself to Duane's door)

Gary Cauley


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UAL048 Duane Palmore
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Re: March 2017 Recap!!!

Post by UAL048 Duane Palmore » April 1st, 2017, 7:52 pm

Great job Andre! Just don't become like Gary and convulse if you don't have some sort of flight control in your hands.

We topped last years' monthly performance. Way to go guys. Keep the hours up and the landing rates down.

You are welcome to bring any questions or concerns to me. I will do my best to answer or find the right answer for you. My availability is pretty good for the moment.

The chart...Gary...(sigh)

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