Welcome your new Assistant Hub Manager Duane

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UAL027 Gary Cauley
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Welcome your new Assistant Hub Manager Duane

Post by UAL027 Gary Cauley » Mar 17th, '17, 21:49

EWR Pilots,

I am excited to announced I have finally filled the slot of AHM here at EWR. Duane Palmore, formerly UAL602, will be taking up the role. Duane is a real life pilot in training and a Newark resident, so I feel he will fit the spot very well. He has been with vUAL for over a year now and feels ready to step up to the plate. Give him a little time before we start hitting him with emails, and as of this moment all complaints can be forwarded to his desk :lol: :lol: .

Welcome to the team Duane!

Also on a side note I apologize for getting behind on PIREPS this week. It was a wild one with work and the snow here in Chicago, but have no fear it was 40 outside today and most of it has melted away 8-) 8-) 8-)

Keep on flying guys!

Gary Cauley
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UAL048 Duane Palmore
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Re: Welcome your new Assistant Hub Manager Duane

Post by UAL048 Duane Palmore » Mar 19th, '17, 03:57

Thanks Gary. Okay guys, the staff has me up and running in the VA so I'm ready to help. I've been in aviation maintenance for a long time and decided to finish my pilots license recently. I'm a CFI and happy to answer any questions as it will also be an opportunity for me to learn as well.

I'll be on Teamspeak more often and I can be reached at the VA email: kewrahm@virtualunitedairlines.org

Duane Palmore UAL048
KEWR Assistant Hub Manager

UAL001 Gary Price
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Re: Welcome your new Assistant Hub Manager Duane

Post by UAL001 Gary Price » Mar 21st, '17, 22:14


Good luck, we are all counting on you. Sorry that Gary is your HM... Better luck next time!!!! haha


Gary Price
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