P1 here, get your P1 here...

VATSTAR, the official Authorized Training Organization of vUAL. Questions can be posted here for other pilots to help answer, or go to www.vatstar.com and email an instrucstor!

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P1 here, get your P1 here...

Post by UAL004 Danny Vinson » March 22nd, 2017, 9:55 am

The P1 certification is a standalone, at your pace, lesson that only requires some basic info that you will learn in our Syllabus and then you take a test at the end, THAT'S IT! No check flight, no dealing with an instructor! Go to www.vatstar.com for more info. Below is the basic information for the P1 that we have on our site:

We at VATSTAR like to do things differently and push new boundaries so we can help you get the most out of VATSIM. By the end of this lesson you will be P1 certified and working on the next certifications.

This lesson was design to teach you the basics of VATSIM, how to connect, and how to start your very own flight without the help of an instructor, but it’s also for those who have experience who would like to recap.

Few things before you start
There are 15 Lessons and 3 questions per Section, all the questions are about the section above.
There is no time limit, you can close out of it and come back on another time or date.
The estimated time to complete the program is approximately 90 minutes (6-7 minutes per section), but will vary based on how quickly you read.

P1 Lesson Syllabus

Lesson 1: What is VATSIM? (network, command structure, support structure)
Lesson 2: What isn't VATSIM? (etiquette, and things NOT to do on the network)
Lesson 3: Trickle-Down Economics (basic structure of air traffic control, "top-down" service model)
Lesson 4: Seeing What's Up (tools for checking for available ATC services)
Lesson 5: Making the Connection (pilot client software, call-signs, where to connect, restarting lost flights)
Lesson 6: Organizations Within Organizations (virtual airlines, virtual military, and other specialized flying)
Lesson 7: How's the Weather Up There? (weather simulation and its challenges)
Lesson 8: I Need a Map to the Map Store (locating and understanding maps and charts)
Lesson 9: Way to Go (route selection)
Lesson 10: Stan's the Man with a Plan (filing flight-plans, equipment codes, comments)
Lesson 11: Squeak and Squawk (transponder operation)
Lesson 12: Romeo, Romeo, Wherefore Art Thou? (air traffic control communication)
Lesson 13: Out of Control (use of VATSIM's general advisories frequency)
Lesson 14: Mayday! Mayday! (handling in-flight emergencies)
Lesson 15: The STAR of the Virtual Skies! (introduction to VATSTAR Pilot Training Program)
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