Schedules Update 150919 Problem Tracking

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UAL007 Gene Cao
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Schedules Update 150919 Problem Tracking

Post by UAL007 Gene Cao » September 20th, 2015, 1:02 am

September update

Redone codeshare and express flights
Redone distance calculation
Fixed a few ICAOs that were typos for tour flights
Fixed a few remark typos for Skywest and Air Canada

As always, any problems or issues that come up, please post a detailed problem report here including:

Flight #
A/C Type
Detailed problem description.

UAL232 Jason Olson
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Re: Schedules Update 150919 Problem Tracking

Post by UAL232 Jason Olson » September 21st, 2015, 11:02 am

Flight # - Multiple
A/C Type - ATR72 and B712
Missing from Schedule. Source.... ... 2014-06-11

UAL007 Jonathan Kost
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Re: Schedules Update 150919 Problem Tracking

Post by UAL007 Jonathan Kost » September 21st, 2015, 3:01 pm

Those flights from PHNL-PHOG are HAL and Island Air. United does not have those aircraft or routes. They are code shares. We will look at this.

UAL021 Joerg Schwuchow
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Re: Schedules Update 150919 Problem Tracking

Post by UAL021 Joerg Schwuchow » September 26th, 2015, 12:56 pm

Hello Gene,

I was looking for my possibilities to go back from Narita and found some "empty spaces" in our schedule: some ANA/UAL Codeshares out of Narita are missing:

RJAA-KORD ANA12/UAL7939 10:45a/8:25a B773
RJAA-KIAD ANA2/UAL7942 11:00/10:40a B773
RJAA-KIAH ANA174/UAL7936 11:15/9:30a B773
RJAA-KORD ANA1012/UAL7926 5:10p/2:45p B773
RJAA-WMKK ANA815/UAL7962 5:20p/11:35p B787
RJAA-KSEA ANA178/UAL7930 5:30p/10:50p B773
RJAA-RCTP ANA823/UAL7943 5:40p/8:15p B763
RJAA-WIII ANA835/UAL7915 6:05p/11:55p B787
RJAA-VTBS ANA805/UAL7971 6:20p/11:00p B777

Especially WIII/WMKK and RCTP expands our routing, don´t you think ?

Maybe you could add it to the schedule. Thanks and thanks for the really great update.
UAL021 Joerg Schwuchow

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