Mid June 2016 Houston Update - The Facts

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UAL008 Keith Rocke

Mid June 2016 Houston Update - The Facts

Post by UAL008 Keith Rocke » June 12th, 2016, 8:34 pm

Hello Houston Pilots. Here is our 'position' as we begin the mid-point in June 2016.
  • a) We've declined in our number of flights by about 65%... give or take a digit or two or three. But... we're DOWN! "No bout a-dout it" Maybe it's the Summer heat? I'm sure real world activities play a factor as well
    b) Item (a) above sets the ball rolling down hill... picking up speed
    c) We're DOWN to 39 pilots - in total - last check... with about a handful of active LOAs (ouch!)
Here's the Truth: The ONLY PRIZE we have been able to walk away with over the past few months is the #1 Slot in Landing Rate VA-wide. As management... me and Michael appreciate what you guys have been doing and we're Thankful.

We'd rather run a LOA-heavy HUB than the other option - 'the cut list'. I hate the EOM routine of preparing a cut list. But, that's my responsibility.

Oh! Before I forget. Today - 6/12/16 - is Michael's Birthday. He's now 120 years Old and still kickin the rudder pedals... "Good for You Michael" :lol: I always check the BOTTOM of the FORUM... it shows the active Birthdays for the given date. For those reading the Forum Post. May I suggest you just reply? Give Michael a belated Birthday shout out.

Oh! Another GOOD situation. Eric has allowed me to publish the Thursday Nite Shorties group flight on the main web page. The way it is set up is...
  • d) A sign-up sheet of 25 slots capacity. But you don't have to sign up? But it would be nice to see the participation level. You want the Truth? Participation hasn't been that robust at all... ever since we started
    e) The banner and description - a Forum Link - points back to a place where the details aren't a jumbled mess of words... our Events engine is un-friendly - if you know what I mean
    f) Flights are within the 2-hour range and destinations are - 'interesting' and with some sort of Geo-History
    g) If you have the time - on Thursday Nites - come spend a couple hours hanging with the guys who fly ONLINE and kick it live on Teamspeak. HEY! Even if you fly OFF LINE... you can still pirep the flight as a Charter. But it'll be so much fun and A BIG HUGE VA ADVERTISEMENT when flown ON LINE
That's all for now fellas. Check your flights and let me know if you are due an Award. I just got in a fresh supply of Awards... and I hate dusting off shelves. :lol:


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