LaGuardia arrival last night.

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UAL008 Keith Rocke

LaGuardia arrival last night.

Post by UAL008 Keith Rocke » March 25th, 2016, 9:54 am

Well. I think we totaled seven (7) after the 1st hour from KIAH departure with one pilot joining us from Atlanta. Pretty uneventful until we got into NY Airspace and began the descent. IIRC... the winds weren't a factor. It was the solid deck which began around 4500'... all the way down to 300'. There wasn't any wiggle room on the bottom. I know (for a fact) that UAL700 Chase Morgan called for a missed approach. There was some more chatter from him for a while then silence. I 'white knuckled' it down to 350' on a blind (stupid) visual attempt then called a missed approach... cleaned up the B737 and got outa the garbage can for another attempt. I only made the 2nd attempt after tuning the LOC freq and walking the line down.

So. After a change of boxer shorts (in the cockpit) LGA_GND cleared me to taxi to a gate.

FWIW... there were only two (2) Pireps filed. Don't know what happened to 5 pilots.

Thanks for coming out guys. check what we have going on for next week's Thursday Nite Shorties.

Keith. KIAH HM

UAL008 Keith Rocke

Re: LaGuardia arrival last night.

Post by UAL008 Keith Rocke » March 25th, 2016, 2:30 pm

So, today while heading out from LaGuardia, I thanked Jakob Kruse (Event coordinator for the New York Area) for working with us last night. His response (copied from VATSIM® Chat)...

LOCAL : Thanks for being there for us last night Jakob... viewtopic.php?f=41&t=9716
NY_CTR : sweet!
LOCAL : i'll plan another venture soon and contact you. Take care man... Keith
NY_CTR : thanks you too

And so it goes...


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