January 2016 Thank You

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UAL008 Keith Rocke

January 2016 Thank You

Post by UAL008 Keith Rocke » January 31st, 2016, 8:50 pm

Thanks to all of you guys for - what is now confirmed - stamping #1 in number of flights and #2 in flight hours for January 2016.

For February - the days-challenged month - we have two challenges going...

a) the VA prescribed number of flights month overall for each hub with a total VA count of 2900 flights. "Think flights not hours..." this month. Sounds like 100 flights per day per Hub might make that happen

b) the HUB challenge of greasing all of our landings to less than -150fpm. Well, we have all the practice in the world to get there if we fly... fly... fly... fly... then fly some more

Ok! 'Nuff said. Let's do it guys... "Flights" are better than "Hours" this month.

Three Greens and Blue Skies,


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