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UAL008 Keith Rocke

Flying Awards

Post by UAL008 Keith Rocke » December 22nd, 2015, 12:07 pm

Hello all,

Flying awards requires each awardee to do the following...

a) use kACARS or SmartACARS or log onto VATSIM and complete the legs
b) be sure to insert the flight plan route into the 'route' field of the ACARS software or VATSIM connection
c) in the comment field of either ACARS or VATSIM connection, please keep it simple and state something like "Leg 1 whatever award". The HM or AHM has to search through all of the relevant pireps to verify the completed legs - BEFORE - the award can be granted.
d) The pilot has to request the award by emailing either the HM or AHM. There is no way Michael or myself would know that you have completed all legs of an award.

We want to make these awards and publish your achievement on the forum. But, you gotta do your part. If you mess up any leg by not following the above quidelines, be prepared to re-fly that leg.


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