Pilots who have lapsed

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UAL008 Keith Rocke

Pilots who have lapsed

Post by UAL008 Keith Rocke » December 22nd, 2015, 11:42 am

After assessing the status quo here at Houston, I was correct all along. We show a 9% lapse rate out of our total membership. That's a low number some would argue. But any lapse is a RED flag and a reason to be concerned.

Here is the big picture so everyone can see the data...

UAL704 Kaaron Gillett UAL1131F KSFO KLAS B777-200 01.07 10/10/2015 60+ days
UAL252 Peyton Soper UAL252 PHNL KIAH B777-200 07.00 10/23/2015 60+ days
UAL710 Charles Rowden UAL710 MPTO KMSY B738 03.46 10/28/2015 30+ days (Leave of absence ???)

UAL712 Jim Davis 555 KSFO KDEN B738 02.17.4211/25/2015 Almost 30 days - Email

UAL719 Michael CordeiroUAL1092G KLAX KLAS B737-800 00.53 11/09/2015 30+ days
UAL720 Cory Douglas LOF5024 KCHS KIAD EMB-170 01.05 10/30/2015 30+ days
UAL722 Anthony Cazares UAL900C KIAH KDFW EMB-170 0.59 11/01/2015 30+ days
UAL726 Andrew Ohlsen UAL726 KSEA KOAK B737-800 1.42 10/05/2015 60+ days

UAL727 Samuel LembergerUAL727C KEGE KORD A320 02.31.4111/25/2015 Almost 30 days - Email
UAL729 Andrew Bruce UAL729C KIAH KPHX B1900D 03.48.3711/28/2015 Almost 30 days - Email
UAL732 Samuel Byam UAL1414C KEWR TAPA B737-800 04.07 11/29/2015 Almost 30 days - Email
UAL734 Said Aderouj UAL358C KIAD KJFK B737-800 01.15.5011/30/2015 Almost 30 days - Email

UAL735 Julian Meneses UAL1761E KDFW KDEN B737-800 01.38.0110/04/2015 60+ days

UAL736 Adam Poincon ASH3776 KAUS KIAH E-175 00.51.5511/27/2015 Almost 30 days - Email

UAL739 Duncan Koonce UAL1104E KDEN KIAH B737-800 02.27.5511/11/2015 30+ days
UAL740 Rodrigo FerreiraACA8440 CYVR KLAX B767-300 02.16 10/31/2015 30+ days

UAL741 Andy Morales RPA4873 KDEN KDRO DASH 8-Q400 01.05 11/26/2015 Almost 30 days - Email

UAL75 Ryan Whittaker UAL863 KSFO YSSY B777-200 13.36 11/19/2015 30+ days

UAL756 Brian Kemp Joined On: November 20, 2015 HAS NEVER FLOWN

I didn't make up those stats. They're right there in my face. I thought I was wrong. But, that's 9% of our HUB base falling off the wagon.

I will send emails to the members who are approaching 30 days. Those beyond 30 days are going to be forwarded to HR. Those are the procedures. I will then await HR's decisions.

Guys, we just need 1 flight per month to avoid this situation. There is also a LOA process members can use as the need arises.

Seasons Greetings,


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