Merry Christmas 2015 & Happy New Year 2016

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UAL008 Keith Rocke

Merry Christmas 2015 & Happy New Year 2016

Post by UAL008 Keith Rocke » December 21st, 2015, 12:36 pm

Hello Hub Pilots,

I wish each and every one of you a Wonderful Holiday Season. May your Sim toys clog the chimney... "Heheheeeee".

It's been a little over a week since I accepted the job of managing the Houston Hub. And, it's been a wonderful week in the position. I've re-joined a (past) family of like-minded virtual enthusiasts. "No kidding". Several of the members within our company are no strangers at all. We've all (back then) flown dozens of events on VATSIM, pushed our equipment to the barber pole limits, sang a few songs on Teamspeak and... as our CEO - Gary Price - continues to remind us... we've ALL landed on a few taxiways and busted some ATC-assigned speed restrictions.

Houston - KIAH - is a vibrant hub.

We have the highest count of P1-rated pilots in the entire system. Our system-wide placement in the pecking order appears to be somewhere around 4th or 5th as I scanned some operational numbers. Maybe lower or higher? Possibly... as I've just ran the numbers without my trusted TI calculator at hand.

With your help, those numbers are gonna move up in the coming years.

Last night (Yep! Sunday nite), I interviewed an applicant for the AHM position. This HUB member carries the excitement and desire - key qualities needed in the global scope - to handle the position. My approval and endorsement for the position was immediate. Higher management is now finalizing the employment tasks and I will post back on the forum his start date. So stay tuned.

Just in case it wasn't noticed, I like to fly (virtually of course). 98% of my virtual blue skies experience happens on the VATSIM Network. I am also a VATSIM Controller. I view the expression "team player" as encompassing both sides of the ONLINE simulation we all love. Just in case my kACARS takes a nose dive - OR - I push from the gate before connecting kACARS, I always have a VATSIM link to include in the comment field of the Pirep... making the approval process real simple.

Before the AHM interview, I began tossing around some ideas for HUB-wide activities. However, with the AHM processing steps now in play, I have reserved any announcements and shut down a 'solo' think-tank until the KIAH office has taken care of its management duties. It's the professional thing to do.

Just as a heads up though, and no desire to spoil the Holiday merriment, we are in a 9% deficit with our company SOPs - at least 1 flight per month. This means, I must note and forward the respective Hub members up the line to HR. I gotta do it. There's no joy here guys. There's a LOA process our members can file for if/when the situations arise. No big deal. But, we all have to ignite that APU at least once per month.

Alright then. Lets end where we started.

Please, please, please. Have a wonderful Holiday Season (including your family). Let's all try to crowd into the KIAH Teamspeak Channel for the rest of this week. Let's all say "Hello" to each other and let's all suggest an impromptu short flight out of KIAH. We'll be shouting out to our new AHM as quickly as the paperwork processing winds up - hopefully before December 31st.

Three Greens and Blue Skies,

Keith - KIAH HM

UAL008 Keith Rocke

Re: Merry Christmas 2015 & Happy New Year 2016

Post by UAL008 Keith Rocke » December 29th, 2015, 10:20 am

Rama. Thanks for the kind words. "Yep!" It's all about numbers crunching (from management's POV). But, crunching all the numbers is meaningless if all of our HUB members can't add to the team-spirit and have input regarding HUB/Event operations.

I'd like to have us perform - at least - one event per month where 20~30 guys get together and 'paint' VATSPY from departure to destination.

Another 'would like to have' is... more screen shots.

Anyway, thanks again and looking forward to seeing you in the blue skies.

Three Greens and Blue Skies,


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