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UAL008 Keith Rocke


Post by UAL008 Keith Rocke » July 2nd, 2016, 3:29 pm

The bad news is... I don't think anyone reads their emails anymore. Then again, hardly anyone visits the KIAH Forum either. Teamspeak? "Huh!" That's another story.

Here is the GOOD NEWS.

KIAH Management has today reviewed each and every Hub Pilot's profiles and made the necessary adjustments to any missing HOURS, FLIGHTS and... applied the NEW VA Membership Badges to those pilots respectively. Some of you guys have been with the VA for three (3) Years. "Man... That's really something to brag about."

KIAH keeps loosing 4~5 pilots each month - for the same silly reason... failing the 1 flight per month requirement OR not making the required 1 flight within 7 days of being hired! I don't get it!

As I write this 'Post', we have two NEW HIRES who are gonna be jettisoned tomorrow for the 7-day New Hire infraction. What a waste of a lot of people's time - especially our HR Department.

Having said that... "Thanks again to you all - our members in long standing - for making our VA and Houston HUB the 'coolest' Hub in our 9-Hub System".

Keith KIAH HM - 1085341
Michael KIAH AHM

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