ACARS/Schedule Feedback

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UAL226 Antonio King
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ACARS/Schedule Feedback

Post by UAL226 Antonio King » Dec 12th, '17, 01:32

Hi all,

Just wanted to provide some feedback to ACARS/Schedule.


- Is there a way we can add a "pause at TOD" option to the company acars? I almost always use the smartCARS for this reason, but they have some particularly annoying bugs that make that software hard to use.


- Is there a way that we can get filter options? For example, when looking for flights to fly out of airports, I get a lot of flights that already have bids on them. Removing them from the eligibility of being flown somehow can easily clean up that list to make it easier to find flights.

- Is there a way to change aircraft from the Simbrief option? I tend to fly different aircraft than assigned for the route. If I choose to, that drops the value add the Simbrief functionality by like 10 fold (can't use any of the performance or fuel information since it's not the same aircraft. Instead, I have to open several new windows to piece together performance issue, whereas if I could just change the type of a/c I was using before generating the Simbrief, I can easily get use out of all the info in one place.

- Sorting options on the schedule would be great, too. If I could sort alphabetically by airport, or sort numerically by distance of the results would be awesome too. Just ways to make looking at the schedule easier.

- The option to have routes assigned to you, whether by random, or continuing from your last destination. I like variety and randomness, and sometimes I find selecting a flight to pick just as grueling as setting up the FMC. Help me not make decisions. :)

That's all I can think of so far.

UAL277 Kevin Finch
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Re: ACARS/Schedule Feedback

Post by UAL277 Kevin Finch » Dec 16th, '17, 12:03

ACARS: I think you need to do the TOD pause in the sim; then advise your HM/AHM of the pause to deduct pause time from your PIREP.

Scheduling: More than one pilot can bid on the same flight at the same time. Both flights can even take place concurrently; I was recently the second person flying with the same callsign. The only time that you are going to have an issue is if more than one pilot tries to log onto VATSIM with the same callsign. Then, the second flier has to add a "B" or something different to differentiate them from the flier already online. (That can happen anytime, for example, since there is more than one UAL VA and anyone can log on to fly any flight at any time.)

Set up your own SImbrief account (it's free) and set up your flights as you want them, keeping in mind vUAL's substitution policies, e.g., you can't fly a 777 on a flight that calls for an E145.

Try flying some of the tours/awards if you're overwhelmed by the myriad of choices available. And, there's no reason why you can't fly connecting flight(s) between the end of one tour and the start of the next.

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