ERJ-145 United Merger Livery FS9

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UAL008 Keith Rocke

Re: ERJ-145 United Merger Livery FS9

Post by UAL008 Keith Rocke » Mar 30th, '16, 09:34

Todd. I just went here... and was able to d/l the FS9 ERJ-145. The d/l went to my Downloads folder and everything looks fine. Srry... I do not run FS9. But the link worked for me.


UAL916 Ray Browell
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Re: ERJ-145 United Merger Livery FS9

Post by UAL916 Ray Browell » Dec 5th, '16, 23:15

That aircraft kept crashing to desktop. I have an updated one that works nice. I am trying to get someone to contact me to get my files and upload them or try them out at least first. I use them and they work good, including the 145 I got.
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