Manual Pirep???

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UAL519 Bryan Draves

Manual Pirep???

Post by UAL519 Bryan Draves » December 3rd, 2017, 4:43 pm

I was told this month is CAT-free and to do my flights in bigger planes by submitting a manual Pirep but i'm not sure how to do that. The "create new pirep" tab in my profile only allows the aircraft at my Cat level. Any help would be great!


UAL916 Ray Browell
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Re: Manual Pirep???

Post by UAL916 Ray Browell » December 11th, 2017, 6:41 pm

If you use the kACARS instead of Smartcars, you have an option to do a charter flight. You can still use the same flight number and all just choose the aircraft you want to use then make sure to check the charter box and load aircraft data.Easily done. If you file a manual pirep anyhow, the catch is you have to provide a link to the flight info such as Vataware or IVAO or what ever. No proof, the pirep will be rejected I am quite sure. With kACARS and a charter flight, it is much easier and no links or proving nothing necessary.
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