just joined need help

Software troubleshooting for the KACARS software
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ual442 mohit mahtani
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just joined need help

Post by ual442 mohit mahtani » Sep 1st, '17, 23:32

hello how are u. i just united virtual. i am stuck at my 2 acars i installed i found the flight clciked bid now and noting happens same ting for the smart acars. how does this work thanks.

UAL530 Dominic Harte
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Re: just joined need help

Post by UAL530 Dominic Harte » Sep 13th, '17, 03:36

Hi Mohit and welcome.
You can bid on a flight from within the schedule/timetable search function on the website.
When you find a flight you want to do, click on the 'Bid on Flight' text, it should then change to 'Bid added'.
This is a very subtle change, so it can be missed quite easily.

When you then login to say Smartcars, the same flight details will then be present.
You just have to follow the process of starting that flight (ensure all the details are correct), and you are on your way.




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