Saving a flight in smartCARS

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UAL729 Evan Placke
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Saving a flight in smartCARS

Post by UAL729 Evan Placke » Apr 5th, '17, 17:26

I am new to all of this but I was wondering if it was possible or if anyone has tried before to save a flight in smartCARS and resume it later? I know you can pause a flight and resume it later, but you have to keep FSX and smartCARS open. However, what I am trying to find out is if for example you start a flight in smartCARS, pause, save the flight and close FSX if you can resume later?

UAL025 Dennis Lynn
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Re: Saving a flight in smartCARS

Post by UAL025 Dennis Lynn » Apr 10th, '17, 00:41

Just leave smartcars running. As long as your internet doesn't burp smartcars will record the "pause"


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