It's Me Again Margaret So It has To Be FS9

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UAL916 Ray Browell
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It's Me Again Margaret So It has To Be FS9

Post by UAL916 Ray Browell » December 14th, 2018, 8:50 pm

And our aircraft suck @ss!!! We have to make an exception to the rule somewhere or find someone to help someone fix these aircraft. Sorry to be that fella but damn. :D I know I know.... Upgrade Ray. Ok Sure thing. Toss me your best worn out 36 gig quad core i7 you got laying around. Ill figure something out with it.

In all reality, these FS9 aircraft blow real bad. I know it is not our fault but to hold us to strict rules using these aircraft is just absolutely nuts. What can we do? I have lost more flights due to a POS United FS9 aircraft than I have had successful flights. I will be honest and say every time you see 1 whole successful flight per month from me, there were a minimum of 3 do overs do to crappy aircraft.

Payware and $3000 machines are not possible for all to enjoy the hobby. Just saying. Kids (well, 1 and 3 dogs), medical (lots of it), bills, food..... Life.

Thanks for all you fellas continue to do for our airline. It is much appreciated! Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you and all of yours from Me and all of Mine!

If I could I would. If I don't, it's because I am lazy!

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UAL008 Kevin Finch
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Re: It's Me Again Margaret So It has To Be FS9

Post by UAL008 Kevin Finch » December 15th, 2018, 1:38 pm

Hi, Ray, holiday greetings to you and yours, too.

I completely understand what you're saying about upgrades; I built my simming PC nine years ago. At the same time, I have to acknowledge that FS9 came out in late 2003, I think. Operating systems have been continually patched and changed over the years. So much of the software I used to use - freeware and payware - has long been abandoned by their developers. FSNavigator, PMDG 1900d (discontinued 8+ years ago), FS Flightkeeper, etc. It's not just an issue with the freeware that we make available through the fleet pages. Pat has a thankless job of maintaining freeware for FS9, FSX, P3D up to v3, P3D v4+, and -Plane, and keeping on top of commercial releases for those products, too.

Which OS are you using?

I assume that you've poured over websites looking to extend the life of FS9; I did a quick look and found the following that might be helpful: ... 9b8782dc05 ... 10-update/ ... indows-10/

Hopefully, you can keep it going a little longer.


UAL124 Joel Wolk
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Re: It's Me Again Margaret So It has To Be FS9

Post by UAL124 Joel Wolk » December 16th, 2018, 11:39 am

Few thoughts from one of those few remaining FS9 dogs...

I'm still hanging on and hoping to start from scratch with a new "from the ground up" FS system in about two years.

For now it's FS9 + Win7 + ActiveSky Evolution + vUAL kACARS and everything runs smooth and consistent at 30 FPS with virtually no system crashes or problems.. a definite plus. I am enjoying flight simulation.

I will vouch for the freeware Dreamwings Embraer 170 in United Express livery found on Reasonably good aircraft by my own amateur estimation. I have a CRJ panel paired to it... odd as it sounds simply a matter of personal preference and believe it or not actually works pretty well.

And when feeling the need to sow some turboprop oats, still flying that long-ago discontinued PMDG B1900D just because it's "that enjoyable" of an aircraft to interact with.

On my soapbox for a moment... I do watch a lot of FS videos on YouTube and I am quite well aware of what I am missing out in terms of graphics and scenery quality in the latest X-Plane and Prepar3D systems. I totally get it, and I will get there myself one day. In defense of trust 'ole FS9 - it's workable, and honestly the graphics which could be better but aren't terrible (my own opinion). I can flight sim and truly enjoy it, and perhaps at the end of the day, that's simply what matters the most for any of us.

Okay, off the soap box now ;)

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