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UAL636 Victor Cabrales
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Post by UAL636 Victor Cabrales » Dec 13th, '17, 18:06

Hey guys, Noob over here. I just bid on my first flight out of KEWR (short hop to BOS) but as I was downloading the fleet I noticed that there are no checklists. Do we not have checklists issued by VUA? Please advise. Any resource where you guys think I can find some as close to real UA ops?


UAL277 Kevin Finch
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Re: Checklists

Post by UAL277 Kevin Finch » Dec 16th, '17, 12:11

There are lots of checklists available for free at AVSIM.COM. I like those by Werner Schott for freeware/default aircraft and by Michael Swannick for the payware additions.

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