United Livery Question

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ual203 steve everett
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United Livery Question

Post by ual203 steve everett » Sep 2nd, '17, 02:12

To clarify, while I'm aware that the Pilot Operations manual states that all flights must be flown with a United livery, is this limited to the current Merger livery? Say, for example, my CRJ-700 also has a United Express "Battleship Grey" livery that is correctly titled: "CRJ 700 United Express (1993-1998 "Battleship Grey" Livery)" would that also be all right to use if I wanted to change things up a bit?

UAL001 Gary Price
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Re: United Livery Question

Post by UAL001 Gary Price » Sep 2nd, '17, 23:50

Yes, you can use any UAL livery for your flights....

Have fun!!

Gary Price
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