Airbus A350 Fleet is missing!

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UAL605 Mazen Abdelsalam
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Airbus A350 Fleet is missing!

Post by UAL605 Mazen Abdelsalam » Apr 17th, '17, 16:31


The A350-900 model is missing when creating a flight on ACARS. Since two weeks I am testing the new x-plane 11 and just because of the A350 which is available as an add-on and I already bought it (BTW very nicely modeled with few bugs).

Right now Lufthansa has 3 A350-900 in service and all fly out of Munich (EDDM). The route EDDM-KBOS is now served with A350.
United Airlines is a customer of the A350 and if all goes well, they would start get deliveries starting 2018. Some other Start Alliance started already operating the A350 between Asia and European destinations (I see Singapore Airlines' A350 every Monday morning at Dusseldorf EDDL).


It will be great and appreciated if you could add this model to the fleet in ACARS tools.

Thank you in advance.

UAL001 Gary Price
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Re: Airbus A350 Fleet is missing!

Post by UAL001 Gary Price » Apr 19th, '17, 15:15


Can you add this model to ACARS?


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UAL007 Jonathan Kost
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Re: Airbus A350 Fleet is missing!

Post by UAL007 Jonathan Kost » Apr 20th, '17, 10:38

Aircraft N359DH has been added to the aircraft listings. Charter the flights for now until the next schedule update.


UAL005 Jared Yost
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Re: Airbus A350 Fleet is missing!

Post by UAL005 Jared Yost » Apr 20th, '17, 12:51

Sorry I just now saw this, thanks for adding it Jonathan!
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