Great Job for January

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Great Job for January

Post by UAL024 Eric Elia » February 3rd, 2018, 11:09 am

January is in the books, and thanks to all of you we finished very strong at 992 hours. I want to thank all of our Dulles pilots who made the extra flights here at the end of the month to get us to the 1000 hour plateau.

You should now be aware that we are using an automated PIREP approval system. This should cut down in any delays for approving the PIREPS (which really wasn't a much of a problem for KIAD) and it helps keep accurate statistic tracking as close as possible to real time.

Things to keep in mind:

The system will automatically approve your flight as long as all the parameters for approval are met. They are, flying an aircraft that you are rated for, landing rate of less than -800 FPM, departure and arrival airports match what was scheduled, there is no in flight refueling and you've flown in a United or approved code-share partner livery. If you do not meet the acceptable criteria in these fields your flight will be held until the HM or AHM do a manual review to determine if the flight should be rejected or approved.

When you fly for an award and make note of it in the remarks/comments section. The system is supposed to pick up on that reference comment, cross check the available awards and then notify us so we can give the award to the pilot. I will still recommend sending the HM/AHM an email to ensure it does not get overlooked.

To our X-Plane pilots, I believe we have (or are very close to) ironing out the the ACARS reporting issues for those pilots that are use the X-Plane platform.

The person to thank for all of this is our VP of IT, Jared Yost. Jared has been working behind the scenes very quietly here making some really big improvements to our website / system.

That's about it for now, if you have any questions regarding anything related to flying, flying at VUAL, any problems, please email myself or Jason and we will try to assist or connect you with the right person.


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