Dulles Need Hour and Mid October Update

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Dulles Need Hour and Mid October Update

Post by UAL024 Eric Elia » October 18th, 2017, 9:01 am

I hope everyone is doing well at this mid point of October. There several things that I wanted to reach out to you with.

First, we are very low on hours this month. I am asking and reminding our Dulles pilots to try to get some flights in, and preferably some long haul flights. At this point breaking 1000 hours looks rather remote but who knows, we do have the pilots that have done something like this before with a heck of a comeback. I know this is only a hobby, but please any extra time that you can find to fly this month is greatly appreciated.

Second, which does tie with my first item, VUAL as a whole has a chance to break our record of total flight hours for a year. Our CEO has appealed to all of us to try squeeze in some extra flights, the longer the better to add to the company's totals. Again, please do what you can to help us achieve this goal.

Third, the 747 Farewell flight. You should have received emails from both our CEO and VP of events detailing the company farewell flight for the 747 as the real world United Airlines phases it out of service. We are hoping that this will be highly attended event by all of our VUAL pilots. Again, I am personally asking all of you to please fly this event with your fellow pilots. Not only is it fun, you will most likely get to enjoy our CEO Gary's singing (if you are in team speak), This event is CAT FREE. So if you are not rated to fly the 747 yet, here is one of those chances to log some heavy time until you make rank. Here is the link for this event for you to check out:

http://virtualunitedairlines.org/index. ... _event/664

As I mentioned in my last email we dropped about 20 pilots from the Dulles hub at the end of last month, mainly for lack of flying. If you can't get that one flight a month requirement fulfilled, please submit a leave of absence request. This is available for any active non-probation pilot. Another reason for being dropped from our roster is for Cheating. We had another pilot double-pireping. In simple terms, they were filing the same flight report for multiple airlines. This is forbidden here at VUAL and every other VA that I personally belong too. We lost a high hours pilot because of this violation and he has now been permanently banned from this VA.

Again, I hope all of you can find some time to get in the air with your busy schedules. I know its not always easy these days, but we greatly appreciate your efforts.


Eric Elia


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