Dulles January 2017

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Dulles January 2017

Post by UAL024 Eric Elia » Feb 4th, '17, 12:01

Good Morning, Afternoon, or Evening (what ever applies to your time zone) Dulles Pilots!

There is one pilot who writes more infrequently that our CEO, and you lucky enough to be getting one of his "State of the Hub" letters. So when you stop your hysterical laughing at my ability to communicate effectively and in a timely manner, I'll wish you all a belated Happy New Year.

2017 picked up where 2016 left off and we started the new year with a bang. You guys flew a great 1320 hours in January to start the month off. Just getting to 1000 hours can be a little tough especially with holidays and all the real life distractions.

The following pilots really contributed to our unofficial monthly goal of flying at least 1000 hours.

UAL 541 Paul Zemczak 137.7 Hours

UAL500 Frank Johnson 114.7 Hours

UAL045 Jason Wesche 90.8 Hours

UAL002 Garfield Smith 84.2 hours

UAL581 Bin Zhang 79.9 hours

This is a group effort and we appreciate all the flying every pilot in this hub does, even if it is one flight, as long as you enjoyed the flight time, I'm good with it.

February is a SHORT month. I'll make groveling appeal now to to do your best to fly this month (hopefully lot's and lot's of hours) so we can hit that "un-official" 100 hour goal. We have after today 23 days left.

You've probably read most of the VA news in the CEO's newsletter regarding last years record breaking participation by all of the VA pilots. Gary and all of the senior staff have done a great job in keeping the VA going in the right direction. 2017 looks to be a bigger year for us here at Virtual United Airlines. Please check out all of the events and new tour's that have been posted. Keith, continues like mad man adding new awards and events. Many of the tour's can be flown at your own pace and do allow for other flights in between. Always read the award requirements, and if you are not sure about something, the answer is only an email away. Our VP of schedules continues to add and update our schedules to correspond to the real world and has also been adding our tour flights too making it easier to load and track them via our acars system.

As many of you know PMDG has finally released their new 747 Queen of the Skies and like most perpetual 8 year olds, I couldn't wait to buy it. My first impressions are just WOW! The guys at PMDG continue to break new ground with every aircraft and again show while they are the standard that other programmers try to measure up against. I have spent the last week in shake down mode and I will tell you to definitely put this on your purchase list. I'll remind you of the 747 farewell tour that has been created, what could be a better way to fly it than in the new Queen? Even though United (and so many other airlines) are phasing out the 747's to go with the twins, you can continue to fly them here.

I keep hearing now that Aerosoft is very close to releasing the new CRJ 700/900X. They've been beta testing the last 7 months with some of it being live streamed on twitch. It looks to be a nice plane that will fit nicely in the regional jet fleet. Following behind or concurrently with the CRJ's are teases of the A330 (wide-body) coming down the road. There should be plenty of new aircraft to enjoy this coming year and more reason to show them with a group flight or tour.

Our pilot retainage for Dulles is still excellent. That means all of you are flying! We dropped 4 pilots last month 3 never even made their first flight and one just faded away. We want to keep every pilot here at VUAL, and we understand that the real world can impact your leisure time to fly, trust me I am fully aware of this. So to avoid being dropped from our roster from inactivity, request a leave of absence. It is very easy to file for and LOA, its under the Careers tab of our website. 99% of the time they will be approved, no questions asked. Probationary pilots are the exception. Also if you need a few extra days to get a flight in to make your monthly flight, send me and email and we will work with you.

As always, should you have any issues or problems, please do not hesitate to email me or Jason (UAL045) with them and we will do our best to answer and resolve them.

In closing, Thank You all for all the great flying you've been doing.


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