How to Claim an Award

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How to Claim an Award

Post by UAL044 Kevin Finch » September 10th, 2018, 6:14 am

vUAL has a variety of awards - some based on the number of flights or the number of hours you have flown, tours completed, time spent on VATSIM or in the forums, etc. With the new, automated PIREP approvals, hub managers and assistant hub managers do not see your PIREPs unless the system flags them for manual review. If you submit a PIREP manually, instead of through ACARS, that's a manual review. Same when the words award, event or tour appear in the comments.

From a hub management perspective, here are my recommendations for recording and claiming the awards you have earned.

Anniversary: Please send your hub manager and assistant hub manager an e-mail (their e-mail addresses are at to remind them that the anniversary of the date you joined vUAL has recently passed.

Flights/Hours: In the Comments section of your PIREP, insert the name of the award for which you just qualified, i.e., 500 Hours Award.

Tours: Check the schedule for a specific tour callsign, often ending with a "T". For example, the first leg of the Caribbean Tour is UAL63T; the next leg is UAL64T, etc. For all flights, except the last flight, put "Leg #/X" in your PIREP comments where # is the leg you're flying and X is the total number of qualifying legs in the tour. For example, Leg 1/6 - Caribbean. Do not put the words tour or award in comments; it will delay approval of your PIREP. On the last leg only, put Leg 6/6 - Caribbean Tour Award; this will trigger a manual review of your PIREP, we'll verify that the conditions of the award have been met, and - if so - add the award to your record.

VATSIM/IVAO/ATC; military service: Please send your hub manager and assistant hub manager an e-mail (their e-mail addresses are at to request one of these awards. If there is a website to back up your request (e.g., VATSIM stats), please include it in your e-mail.

If you have any questions about claiming awards, post them in replies to this post.

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