New Hub Manager at KORD

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UAL002 Garfield Smith
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New Hub Manager at KORD

Post by UAL002 Garfield Smith » Mar 15th, '17, 20:26


At this time I would like to announce that Matthew McCutcheon is the new Hub Manager for ORD. I know that the ORD hub is in good hands now.

UAL001 Gary Price
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Re: New Hub Manager at KORD

Post by UAL001 Gary Price » Mar 16th, '17, 22:26

Congrats Matt!!! Now get to work!

Gary Price
Chief Executive Officer
Virtual United Airlines

UAL022 Matthew McCutcheon
KORD Hub Manager
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Re: New Hub Manager at KORD

Post by UAL022 Matthew McCutcheon » Mar 19th, '17, 03:20

I'll try to do right by everyone! I appreciate words of encouragement!
Matthew McCutcheon UAL022

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