Great Article on Cross the Pond 4/4/20

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Great Article on Cross the Pond 4/4/20

Post by UAL001 Gary Price » April 2nd, 2020, 11:36 am


Here is a great article I found for the upcoming Cross The Pond event on April 4, 2020 ... ound-2020/

PLEASE NOTE: there are no more slots for this event, but who cares!!! If you want to fly it, go ahead and log in and fly the event. Be advised the departures, enroute and arrivals are an absolute mad-house, but you can still fly in the event, around the event, before the event, during, or after.... I personally feel the event is not worth the hassle, and fly the night before. But that's just me...

Feel free to sign up to this event on our Events page!


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