Saturday Nite Fly - Aug. 10 - Briefing

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Saturday Nite Fly - Aug. 10 - Briefing

Post by UAL008 Kevin Finch » July 16th, 2019, 2:51 am


Live, from Chicago, it's Saturday Nite Fly! Use your pilot ID as your flight number, i.e., if you're UAL277 out of Denver, that will be your flight number. A suggested route will be posted in the Events forum on the day of the event.

Tonight, we'll follow one of United's newest real world routes, from Chicago to my home airport, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The real world flight uses an E195 but a 73x or A32x will also fill the bill. On Saturday, you could make a short international flight to join VATUSA's Boston Tea Party, if you wish.

We will begin leaving KORD at 5:52pm (local/CDT – 2252z) and land in Halifax at 11:07pm local (ADT – 0207z CDT, next day). At four hours, it's longer than a traditional Saturday Nite Fly but a good voyage nonetheless.

What time is that where you are? Or, do what I did; buy an inexpensive digital clock, set it to Zulu time, and keep it on your computer desk.

KORD freeware scenery (KORD has undergone MAJOR changes since the default FS9/FSX/P3D sceneries; make sure your scenery is current):
P3DV4 ... LID=203962 (This is what I use unless FSDT’s long-anticipated KORD update is released.)
FS9 – I could not find an FS9 AFCAD that reflects O’Hare’s current configuration.
X-Plane 11

CYHZ freeware sceneries/AFCADs (Check your scenery; CYHZ’s runways were renumbered 05/23 and 14/32 in 2009):
FSX/FSX:SE/P3D/P3DV4 – Orbx’s freeware Global Airport Pack includes loads of freeware airports around the world, including Halifax; this is what I use. (After installing this, ensure that none of your other sceneries duplicates any of the airports in the pack – airport list: ... iption.pdf)
FS9/FSX/P3D users should install Removal of Nuclear Plant in Nova Scotia, Canada ( ... DLID=51038); it has never existed in real life.
P3D V1-3 ... LID=192294
FSX/P3D ... LID=181212
FS9 ... LID=151000
X-Plane 11

Other than vouching for the software I use, I make no promises about the quality or functionality of the software mentioned above. Try it well before the event.

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