Event Rules/Suggestions

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UAL700 Chris Woolbright
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Event Rules/Suggestions

Post by UAL700 Chris Woolbright » May 26th, 2018, 1:13 am

Following are the rules for events.

1. All Events must be flown online (VATSIM) to get credit.
2. Unless otherwise mentioned, CAT Restrictions apply unless otherwise noted.
3. You must depart and/or arrive during the set times for the event. For example, if the event is from 1800Z to 2100Z you must arrive at the featured airport during those times.
4. All participants must use their Pilot ID (example UAL008) for their call sign, this avoids confusion of pilots using the same call sign.
5. When filing your PIREP, add a remark indicating the event.
6. Strongly suggest that pilots carry an extra hours worth of fuel in case you get put into a holding pattern due to heavy traffic.
7. You may fly any route for events. However, if a route is given on the Events Page that route is highly recommended as it is the real world flight route between the departure and arrival fields.
Chris Woolbright
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UAL044 Kevin Finch
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Re: Event Rules/Suggestions

Post by UAL044 Kevin Finch » May 27th, 2018, 8:46 am

Some reflection on your post.

#3. Some events - Fort Houston, for example - say "Anyone who flies IN or OUT of the hub Houston(KIAH) during the event will receive the award." So, it's not always true that we have to arrive at the featured airport during the event times. In this case, we could leave KIAH at during the event and fly to KSFO.

#4. I understand why you are saying pilots need to use their Pilot ID but this is not what the Operations Manual says: "Callsigns: h. Pilots may use the following callsigns for their flights: vUAL Pilot ID, flight number from the vUAL flight schedule, or the real world flight number.". Besides, it's possible that someone from outside vUAL may file a real world flight number - UAL277 - which is my Pilot ID.

#5. This is good. Any PIREP with the words tour, event or award are flagged for manual review, which means your HM/AHM will be notified when you complete a flight that qualifies you for an award.


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