Relay race?

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UAL428 Nigel Jones
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Relay race?

Post by UAL428 Nigel Jones » May 20th, 2017, 12:00 pm

Had this idea in the shower.

Would anyone be interested in a relay race? Basically, two or more teams would push back at one airport in the same time, and race to a second airport. As soon as one person's engines are shut down, the next guy for their team (already at that airport) would push back and fly to the third airport (and so on if we have enough people).

Rules would be basically: fly on vatsim and use smart cars. Follow the vatsim rules, be on teamspeak. (We'd probably have to stipulate which model aircraft to use as well)

We can do time penalties for stuff too. ex:
"Exceed 250 under 10,000MSL" :5 minute penalty for team
Landing rate above 500: 2 minute penalty for team
Landing rate above 800: 5 minute penalty for team

At the end we'd crunch the numbers and figure out which team had the earliest (adjusted) time at the final airport and declare that team the winner.
(maybe double hours for the winner? or a neat badge or something)

Could be a fun event, and a good exercise in flight planning.

UAL005 Jared Yost
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Re: Relay race?

Post by UAL005 Jared Yost » June 4th, 2017, 11:14 pm

I like the idea! Keep this in mind for when the VP of Events position is filled!
Jared Yost
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