VFR Mayhem April 2nd, 2017

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UAL008 Keith Rocke

VFR Mayhem April 2nd, 2017

Post by UAL008 Keith Rocke » March 20th, 2017, 4:04 pm


Even r/w pilots explore a variety of aviation-related hobbies when they have some downtime. A few years ago, I was THE 'chase crew' for a r/w Delta pilot who piloted a hot air balloon bearing the ReMax branding. I learned much about ballooning... winds... best time of day for flights… thermals and much more. The celebratory Champagne after the flight wasn't too bad either...

The Events Dep't is searching for pilots who want to use their DOWNTIME (or create some) and put their rubber-band-powered GA planes up in the air for some VFR flying. This is too easy. Right?

"Hey! We've all flown the default FSX C172! There ain't nothing to it" ... you smirk. Yeah! Sure it's easy! But I'm going to wipe that smirk off your faces with this Event.

Here's the HOW, WHAT, WHEN and WHERE. Read on...

a) MUST be flown ONLINE with VATSIM®
b) MUST use your vUAL Callsign
c) MUST file a VFR Flight Plan on VATSIM®. Maintain at or below 1,500' AGL and stay out of clouds
d) MUST use our ACARS System
e) MUST Pirep as a CHARTER
f) MUST depart from St. Maarten TNCM
g) MUST land at Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport TNCS (AKA: SABA) in one piece - AND - score a -350/fpm or lower landing rate - AND - not run off the other side of the runway. (a 0/fpm landing rate doesn't count!)
h) MUST depart SABA and fly over to Gustaf III Airport TFFJ (AKA: St Barts) - AND - land at St Barts in one piece - AND - not put your plane in the water – AND - score a -350/fpm or lower landing rate. (a 0/fpm landing rate doesn't count!)
i) MUST file two (2) pireps... One for each segment (see above)... also two (2) VATSIM® connections
j) MUST fly BOTH segments while logged into our Teamspeak Channel. Read directly below...

Both airports are no bigger than a cupcake... maybe a large cupcake. Parking is premium. The only way to accommodate everybody is to coordinate whose turn it is to land and who must circle the airfield - based on available parking slots. Remember too. Each pilot has to file a 2nd VFR flight plan (from cupcake #1 - SABA) and take off again for St Barts (the slippery cupcake #2). Therefore. If you're NOT on teamspeak? You would have automatically disqualified yourself from the event. Please: These are the rules. Abide by them and have a GREAT time. Ok! Continuing...

k) BONUS HOURS! Yep! Read next lines...

Each segment carries an 8X multiplier. If you drop out after the 1st segment BUT ALL OTHER CONDITIONS HAVE BEEN MET? You'll claim 8X the actual Pirep hours. Fly both segments (2 Pireps) and have met ALL OTHER CONDITIONS? You'll claim 16X the total hours.

l) You're allotted 5 minutes between connecting to VATSIM®... submitting your VFR flightplan... starting ACARS... taxiing to RWY 10 at St Maarten TNCM
m) AWARD BADGE! If - and only if - we get a head count of 15 pilots or more will Mr Thinkman give you guys a 'cupcake' - A one-time-only Award Badge. You MUST fly both segments to be eligible for the Award Badge... if we get 15 or more pilots to participate.

April 2nd, 2017 - 1900Z - from TNCM

I don't think anyone will make a safe landing at either airport in the dark! Realistically? An earlier departure from TNCM is ideal. But. We have European members who constantly have to battle that "Zulu" clock. If there are enough requests to adjust the time (earlier)? I'll update the Forum post.

Sante has graciously added a few GA planes to our fleet and set thing up where these planes can be selected from the our ACARS. Jonathan has added the two (2) airports into the system so that they (too) can be selected from within our ACARS.

Let's have some FUN!!!!


UAL428 Nigel Jones
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Re: VFR Mayhem April 2nd, 2017

Post by UAL428 Nigel Jones » March 24th, 2017, 2:36 am

This is a great idea! Unfortunately 19z is the start time of my real life job. I might get a head start on everyone else... make arrangements at the FBO's. Maybe buy up all the parking spots and charge a premium :)

UAL006 Sante Sottile
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Re: VFR Mayhem April 2nd, 2017

Post by UAL006 Sante Sottile » March 24th, 2017, 2:52 pm

Nigel, Just make sure you start the coffee maker at the FBO, when you arrive. I'll be needing it. lol

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