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Re: Virtual Cockpit

Post by UAL277 Kevin Finch » April 30th, 2017, 8:49 am

Welcome to a great hobby, Caden.

Almost all aircraft that people buy now (payware) have a 3D virtual cockpit; some do not have any pop-up 2D panels at all.

With (freeware) aircraft available directly through VAs and file libraries like AVSIM, it really comes down to the knowledge of the designer and the time they have available to work on their aircraft. Sometimes, they will adapt other panels or the default FS aircraft panels. Sometimes you can add other freeware components to cobble together an aircraft that is closer in complexity and performance to the payware models. Some payware evolved from freeware.

Freeware developers do it for the love of the hobby so we usually accept it if they leave out some features such as virtual cockpits. Some of the older simmers, like me, did a lot of flying before there even was such a thing.

My advice would be to pick a workhorse such as the A320 or B737, and save up to buy one of the payware offerings. Then, learn that plane. It involves a lot of study; no more Ctrl+E to start the engines, etc. :lol:

In the meantime, enjoy the freeware, work those 2D panels, build your hours, try some online flying and visit places you may never get to in real life.


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