Guys....the trust me to be a Captain

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UAL027 Gary Cauley
KEWR Hub Manager
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Guys....the trust me to be a Captain

Post by UAL027 Gary Cauley » Apr 25th, '17, 15:45

After 2 weeks of being reminded how much I hate sitting in a class room, the tests are done and ground school is done for Upgrade! About to enjoy the next week off and hopefully catch a little of Gary's singing on TeamSpeak before heading down to Atlanta for 2 weeks to sit in the Sweatbox and prove I know how to fly a plane.

I know there are quite a few guys in flight training right now. To them, I know there is days that are going to suck, sitting in boxes, struggling with maneuvers or lessons, and weather cancellations (well the last one isn't going to go away at least). Stick with it, you are on track for one of the most rewarding (and easiest) careers out there. It can be a long rod, but the end result is well worth it.

Catch you guys on teamspeak soon where we can resume our normal complaining and ridiculously long flights.

Feels good to be an airline captain....even if VATSIM still wants to ban me :lol: :lol:
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UAL024 Eric Elia
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Re: Guys....the trust me to be a Captain

Post by UAL024 Eric Elia » Apr 26th, '17, 12:31

Congratulations Gary! I think they've made a wise choice although I might not mention too loudly about looking forward to Gary's singing in teamspeak. That might go as a black mark against your ability to practice good judgement. :lol:

UAL004 Danny Vinson
Assistant VP Human Resources
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Re: Guys....the trust me to be a Captain

Post by UAL004 Danny Vinson » Apr 26th, '17, 16:43


Enjoy your time off!
Danny R Vinson,UAL004
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UAL007 Jonathan Kost
VP of Scheduling
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Re: Guys....the trust me to be a Captain

Post by UAL007 Jonathan Kost » Apr 26th, '17, 16:46

God save us all! I pitty the fool that is your FO!


UAL001 Gary Price
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Re: Guys....the trust me to be a Captain

Post by UAL001 Gary Price » Apr 30th, '17, 00:44

How many Bloody's are you allowed to drink during pre-flight now that you are the CAPTAIN?!?!?!?

Congrats Gary!

Gary Price
Chief Executive Officer
Virtual United Airlines

UAL277 Kevin Finch
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Re: Guys....the trust me to be a Captain

Post by UAL277 Kevin Finch » Apr 30th, '17, 08:51

Congrats, Gary!

UAL217 Fred Shepherd
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Re: Guys....the trust me to be a Captain

Post by UAL217 Fred Shepherd » Apr 30th, '17, 13:04

Wow, what a fabulous milestone to achieve in your still-young aviation career!! It's always great to see hard work and dedication to one's profession payoff ... especially, for a good person like Gary.

Best wishes for every continued success.
Best regards always,
Fred Shepherd, ATP Captain
Denver Hub
Senior Controller (C-3), Jacksonville ARTCC

UAL025 Dennis Lynn
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Re: Guys....the trust me to be a Captain

Post by UAL025 Dennis Lynn » Apr 30th, '17, 15:17

Gary, congrats on a milestone of your career!


UAL048 Duane Palmore
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Re: Guys....the trust me to be a Captain

Post by UAL048 Duane Palmore » May 15th, '17, 09:17

Hey Gary,

Big Congrats! I just signed up for the Skywest Program. There wasn't a box to request you as a mentor, so you're spared.


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