Pilot Introduction Thread

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UAL044 Ethan Wallenberg
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Re: Pilot Introduction Thread

Post by UAL044 Ethan Wallenberg » August 31st, 2017, 8:22 pm

Callsign: UAL044
Name: Ethan Wallenberg
Birthplace: Sioux Falls, SD. United States.
Current Location: Sioux Falls, SD.
Hobbies: Aviation, Aviation, Aviation, Flight simming, gaming, watching sports, hanging out with friends.
Occupation: Certified Flight Instructor ( CFI/CFII/MEI ), Charter pilot.
Age: 20

Hello everyone! Figure I would introduce myself to you all! I have recently been appointed the position of AHM for the KSFO domicile! I am looking forward to all there is to come from this position! I was a member of VUAL back in 2015 and built up hundreds and hundreds of hours up until I went to school. I had forgotten to take a LOA so I lost all of my stats :( However, I am back and better than ever and cannot wait to get started as AHM of SFO!

See you all in the friendly skies!

UAL002 Garfield Smith
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Re: Pilot Introduction Thread

Post by UAL002 Garfield Smith » September 17th, 2017, 10:17 pm

Welcome aboard Captain.

UAL677 Daniel Gutierrez
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Re: Pilot Introduction Thread

Post by UAL677 Daniel Gutierrez » September 25th, 2017, 5:21 am

Callsign: UAL677
Name: Daniel Gutierrez
Birthplace: Jerez, Spain
Current Location: Jerez, Spain
Hobbies: Aviation, engineering, manufacturing, planes, flight simulation.
Sim: XP11.
Occupation: Freelance engineer.
Age: 33
Kids: 0.

Hi everyone.
I am fully new on VATSIM and I would like to learn and enjoy this great hobbie with this great virtual airline.
See u all in the virtual skies!

UAL722 Nick Navarro
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Re: Pilot Introduction Thread

Post by UAL722 Nick Navarro » November 17th, 2017, 10:06 am

Callsign: UAL722
Name: Nick Navarro
Birthplace: Santa Rosa, CA
Current Location: Fremont, CA
Hobbies: Watching football (college and pro), Good Drinks, Good music,...or and aviation stuff
Sim: FSX
Occupation: ATC Specialist Oakland ARTCC
Age: 28
Pets: 1 really cool cat

I used to play college baseball back in the day and love watching sports. I've spent way to many hours on vatsim and took it with me to my career. Went to CTI school down in LA. I have my CPL but I'm not current. Joined the VA to live the life on the other side of the scope. Ill be training for many years to come to become a certified controller. You might catch me controlling ZOA on vatsim as well.


UAL605 Mazen Abdelsalam
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Re: Pilot Introduction Thread

Post by UAL605 Mazen Abdelsalam » November 18th, 2017, 6:27 pm

Callsign: UAL605
Name: Mazen Abdelsalam
Current Location: Munich, Germany
Occupation: Mobile Communications Engineer/Consultant (Self employed)
Sim: FSX-SE, X-Plane 11, P3D V4
Hobbies: Aviation (Flying for real besides simming), Soccer, bowling, and traveling.
Kid: 2 (son 16 and daughter 12)
Age: 44
Pets: 1 Cat (Timber).

I've just noticed this thread (sorry). I am simming since very long time and flying online since 2008 (mainly IVAO with more than 3500 hours logged) VATSIM as well. Because of working in another city, I only fly on weekends when having access to my computer. Recently trying to sim more on XP11 and I am participating in the beta of A320 Ultimate (very advanced model). P3D V4 add-on installations are in progress and I will be soon switching completely to 64bit and no more FSX (I will retire it for good in the next few weeks!).

UAL362 Nicholas Marcantonio
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Re: Pilot Introduction Thread

Post by UAL362 Nicholas Marcantonio » January 28th, 2018, 4:45 am

Callsign: UAL362
Name: Nick Marcantonio
Birthplace: Mobile AL (near Forrest Gump)
Current Location: JAPAN
Hobbies: Aviation, FS
Occupation: Aerospace Engineer for US Navy (prior pilot)
Interesting facts: Not too much
Age: 28
Kids: 1 girl on the way!

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