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Re: Fly from last destination

Post by UAL044 Kevin Finch » November 29th, 2017, 2:53 pm

1) Is it required to fly from your last destination on your next flight? For instance, if I did a KORD - KSEA flight yesterday, do I need to fly from KSEA on my next flight or can I fly from KORD again? By pretending I got a jumpseat back to KORD in the meantime, or whatever. Or is there an actual jumpseat function to return you to your hub? How do you guys do it?

You are not required to fly from your last location unless you are completing an award. Many of the awards have a prescribed order of destinations and require you to fly them in a specific sequence. Some only have destinations and you are free to fly them in any order you wish. For regular flights, there is no such requirement. You could, theoretically, fly from Washington DC to London, England and start your next flight in Tokyo, Japan. We don't have a jumpseat rule.

2) If I'm in the KORD hub, can I *only* do flights originating from KORD? Technically I'm able to bid on flights from KDEN, etc - but I assume hub rules are that you can only fly to/from your own hub, correct?

vUAL pilots are allowed to fly any flight on the schedule (per their CAT rating). And now for the good news: CAT ratings are lifted for the entire month of December. viewtopic.php?f=9&p=37994#p37988

3) Am I correct in assuming that, as long as you have a rank high enough to fly the airframe, you can use any airframe substitute? For instance, can I use a Dash-8 instead of a CRJ, etc?

4) What about different versions of the same aircraft? Can I use a 737-800 where a 737-600 is indicated, etc?

From the manual: "Pilots are limited to flying aircraft in their CAT rating. Pilots are allowed to substitute aircraft on any flight as long as, 1. the pilot is eligible to fly the plane (i.e. in his/her CAT rating or lower), and 2. the aircraft being is flown is the same livery." So, you can sub a "like" plane - A320 for a B737, B736 for a B738, etc., but not a 77L for a CRJ or vice versa.

Welcome to vUAL, Rean.

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